What does the AVACA do?

  • Provides the opportunity to complete affordable, relevant and practical training through Colourful CPD, a well established organisation offering training and CPD for all roles within practice.
  • Promotes the value of veterinary care assistants within veterinary practices.
  • Sets the standards for veterinary animal care assistants through training and education.
  • Gives veterinary care assistants a community and voice.
  • Acts as a networking hub to share experiences and learning​.
  • Provides member benefits.​

The Association of Veterinary Animal Care Assistants provides education, representation and support for individuals working, or aspiring to work, within a veterinary practice as an assistant to the clinical animal care teams.

These roles have many different names such as Veterinary Care Assistant (VCA), Animal Care Assistant (ACA), Pet Care Assistant (PCA), Veterinary Nursing Assistant (VNA) and Animal Nursing Assistant (ANA), this association represents and encompasses all of these.





AVACA was founded by Brian Faulkner and Kay Watson-Bray and launched in January 2022.

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